TurboErgo® Ergonomics Management System
Someone Finally Simplified Ergonomics! Learn how TurboErgo® EMS can prevent injuries and reduce worker's compensation costs in your company. What's more, TurboErgo® EMS can significantly improve your compliance with state standards and OSHA ergonomics guidelines.


$1,399 per single seat license

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TurboErgo® EMS focuses your valuable time and resources on risks that are most likely to cause musculoskeletal disorders. This is accomplished by identifying and classifying risk using two categories referred to as "caution zone" and "hazard zone." This process is preventative in nature, by identifying and reducing the activities that can lead to injury.

When you've identified a hazard zone job, TurboErgo® EMS provides powerful project management tools that help you prioritize, plan and track your progress as you address hazard zone risk factors. These useful features help you make significant positive progress as you acheive ergonomics excellence.

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  • Automated risk factor calculators
  • Digital picture & video display
  • Fast and powerful search, sort & report features
  • Customizable risk factors
  • Compatibility with Win 98/NT/ME/XP

Caution Zone Entry Screen
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Hazard Zone Entry Screen
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